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Our accounting office is distinguished by its unwavering reliability. We know how important tax deadlines and obligations are. Therefore, you can be sure that with us your documents are in safe hands and all formalities will be completed on time, without unnecessary delays. Our team is always available when you need help, your peace of mind and satisfaction are our priority.

We constantly improve our services so you don’t have to. We monitor changes in tax and HR regulations so that you can always be sure that you operate in accordance with applicable regulations. Our knowledge and experience allow us to respond quickly to any changes so that your company can avoid unnecessary problems and tax penalties.

Additionally, we make sure that you are always well informed about any changes to your tax situation. Our services do not end with preparing tax returns or maintaining HR documentation – we want you to understand what is happening in your company and what positives you can achieve with our help.

We understand the needs of our customers.

We know what is important in business, which is why we cultivate values that are the essence of positives for our clients..

Time is a key resource in business, which is why our accounting office’s priority is effective and fast customer service. We operate efficiently so that you do not waste a single minute on unnecessary formalities. Thus you can focus on the development of your company. Your time is valuable to us, so we work with full commitment so that you can make use of it as productively as possible. We communicate when needed. We take care of your payroll, HR and accounting matters, working in the background and without disturbing your work processes.

The reliable approach of an accounting office is a key feature that you can always count on in our office. This means not only conscientious and accurate accounting, but also scrupulousness in analyzing documents and ensuring compliance with applicable tax regulations. Our team of accountants is trusted and experienced, ready to provide support in any financial matter, ensuring full transparency and honesty in their activities. Reliability is the foundation on which we build long-term and satisfying relationships with our clients.

We are aware of the enormous value of cooperation based on long-term relations. It is these lasting bonds with our clients that are the foundation of our success. Long-term relations allow us
to better understand each company’s unique needs and goals, enabling us to tailor our services to meet individual requirements. Our accounting office is not just a service provider, but a partner who cares about the long-term development and financial stability of our clients. It is the trust and loyalty that we build with our clients that drives us to constantly improve and strive for even better results.

We have the latest knowledge regarding employee and fiscal policy. We can objectively assess the condition of your documentation, which is usually done based on a thorough audit.

We offer a transparent and understandable cooperation agreement. All costs related to working with our accounting office are based on clear rules. We do not surprise customers with additional costs. You pay for actual work calculated based on the price list submitted before the start of cooperation.

You can deliver the documents in person or electronically. Depending on your preferences, we can operate “in the shadow” or be an important department of your company.

We believe that trust is the basis of successful cooperation. Our team consists of professionals who treat your data and business information with the utmost confidentiality. We understand that you often share key aspects of your business with us, which is why we take every measure to ensure that your data is completely secure.

M Matuszak
Get to know our offer

What we do?

We are pleased to present our comprehensive offer of accounting, HR and payroll services, which will allow you to focus on the development of your company, while guaranteeing full security and compliance with applicable regulations.

Accounting services

Accounting outsourcing allows you to focus on what is most important to your company. By delegating tasks related to your accounting to us, you can be sure that your documents are organized, settled correctly, and your obligations to the tax authorities are duly fulfilled.

HR and Payroll

Managing HR and payroll using a modern system is the key to effective and trouble-free personnel management in the company. Check out our offer regarding HR and payroll management or order an audit that will give you peace of mind.

Online accounting

Online accounting is a modern way of conducting financial settlements and accounting. Entrepreneurs can manage their finances from anywhere and at any time, so they are not limited in space and time. This is especially beneficial for people who run a mobile business or work remotely.

M Matuszak


Moving to a new accounting office is an opportunity to streamline accounting processes and increase efficiency, which translates into better control over finances and saved time and resources.

Should I change my office?

The answer to this question seems simple – if you are not satisfied with the services provided and the previous conversations have not brought any results, look for another partner. Be sure to set clear expectations to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

When to begin cooperation?

The best time for a change is the beginning of the year. The ideal situation is when we can prepare for such a change by determining what data we need to provide. To agree on the details of terminating the contract and the deadlines for ending the cooperation with the current office.

Change during the year

Yes. We also welcome clients in our office throughout the year. We discuss the details of such an acquisition at the meeting. The process itself is more complicated and depends on the level of cooperation with the office with which you end your cooperation with. However, so far we have had a 100% success rate in changing offices within a year.

Document auditing

Before starting cooperation, we usually conduct an audit of the existing documentation. We want to make sure that your accounting, HR and payroll are in order also in the periods before we started cooperation.

Are you deciding to choose our accounting firm?

Let's get through this together

Learn about the process of starting cooperation with our accounting office

Let's get to know each other

First meeting

Let’s meet to determine the scope of work. We can do this online or in person at our office or at yours. During the meeting, we determine your needs and prepare to create an individual offer.

Always customized

Offer for you

You receive a specific offer from us. If you decide to use our services, we plan the date of submitting the documents together. Usually, at this stage, after receiving the documents, we also audit the current documentation and prepare a detailed report on the status of the current archive.

3, 2, 1... start!

Getting started

At this stage we communicate more often than usual. We determine unspecified details and complete the documentation. After this stage, we begin regular accounting and/or HR work.

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