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Our accounting office offers professional accounting services tailored to the needs
of micro-entrepreneurs. Thanks to our services, micro-entrepreneurs can focus on the development of their business, leaving the areas related to accounting, taxes and settlements in the hands of experts. We offer full accounting support, while ensuring cost minimization and compliance with applicable tax regulations.

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Dedicated forms of settlement

The choice of the appropriate form of taxation depends on the individual needs and financial situation of the micro-entrepreneur. It is worth consulting a tax advisor or accountant
to make the right choice.

A lump sum on recorded income is a simplified form of taxation in which
the entrepreneur pays a fixed, predetermined amount of tax without the need to keep full accounting. This is a popular method of settlement for many small entrepreneurs in Poland, because it saves time and costs associated with maintaining complicated accounting books. The final tax amount is calculated based on the company’s revenues, and its amount depends on the type of business activity and many other factors specified in tax regulations.

A tax card, also known as a PIT-37 tax card, is a document used in Poland to settle personal income tax (PIT). This is one of the forms of tax settlement that can be used by people who earn various types of income, such as employment, business activity or property rental. Using a tax card, the taxpayer declares his or her income, deducts possible allowances and deductions, and then calculates the income tax due and pays the fee to the tax office by a specified date, usually by the end of April each year.

It is no longer possible to choose taxation when using a tax card – this form will be used by persons based on acquired rights.

In this form of taxation, micro-entrepreneurs pay income tax at a fixed rate, regardless of their income. This is an option available for some types of business, but not all.

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Moving to a new accounting office is an opportunity to streamline accounting processes and increase efficiency, which translates into better control over finances and saved time and resources.

Should I change my office?

The answer to this question seems simple – if you are not satisfied with the services provided and the previous conversations have not brought any results, look for another partner. Be sure to set clear expectations to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

When to begin cooperation?

The best time for a change is the beginning of the year. The ideal situation is when we can prepare for such a change by determining what data we need to provide. To agree on the details of terminating the contract and the deadlines for ending the cooperation with the current office.

Change during the year

Yes. We also welcome clients in our office throughout the year. We discuss the details of such an acquisition at the meeting. The process itself is more complicated and depends on the level of cooperation with the office with which you end your cooperation with. However, so far we have had a 100% success rate in changing offices within a year.

Document auditing

Before starting cooperation, we usually conduct an audit of the existing documentation. We want to make sure that your accounting, HR and payroll are in order also in the periods before we started cooperation.

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You receive a specific offer from us. If you decide to use our services, we plan the date of submitting the documents together. Usually, at this stage, after receiving the documents, we also audit the current documentation and prepare a detailed report on the status of the current archive.

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Getting started

At this stage we communicate more often than usual. We determine unspecified details and complete the documentation. After this stage, we begin regular accounting and/or HR work.

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